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Institute of Nuclear Safety System,Incorporated

In Pursuit of
a Higher Level of Safety and Reliability

Following an accident when a steam generator tube ruptured at Mihama Unit No. 2 in February 1991, the Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (KEPCO) decided to set up the Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Incorporated (INSS), which was established in March 1992. INSS conducts comprehensive studies to raise the level of the safety and reliability of nuclear power generation and to seek a harmonious relationship between nuclear power and society or the environment.

INSS is a unique organization even from a global perspective. Although wholly owned by KEPCO, INSS conducts research independently from a neutral position. Based on the results of its work, it offers suggestions and advice to KEPCO and releases research outcomes, both in Japan and abroad, with the aim of wider contribution to the development of society.

INSS consists of two institutes - the Institute of Social Research and the Institute of NuclearTechnology - for the purpose of carrying out a broad range of research into social and human sciences as well as in technical fields.

Research is conducted through project teams and workshops, made up of enthusiastic, first-class researchers from Japan and other countries. Cooperative work and active communication between researchers are strongly encouraged, and an open-door policy is firmly maintained.

Making the best possible use of the unique features and advantages of INSS, we will continue to seek a higher level of safety and reliability in nuclear power generation.


  Institute of Nuclear Safety System,Incorporated