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and reliability of nuclear power

Working to further enhance the safety and reliability of nuclear power

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Terumitsu Miura

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Research Articles

201926153163 Microstructure Analysis for Carbon Steel Irradiated at Low Temperature
201926106117 Deformation Behavior of Neutron-irradiated Stainless Steel - Comparison between Baffl e Former Bolts and Flux Thimble Tubes -
201724120130 Characterization of Grain Boundary Fracture in Neutron-irradiated Stainless Steel by Micro-Tensile Testing - Comparison between Baffl e Former Bolt and Flux Thimble Tube -
201522102116 Corrosion Behavior of Ion-irradiated Stainless Steel in Simulated PWR Primary Water
201421118132 Eff ects of Helium on Grain Boundary Fracture of Neutron-irradiated Stainless Steel,(II) - Synergistic Eff ects with Radiation-induced Segregation -
201320125138 Effects of helium on grain boundary fracture of neutron-irradiated stainless steel
201219155165 Characterization of grain boundary fracture in neutron-irradiated stainless steel by micro tensile test
201118211217 A study for effects of grain size on occurrence of IASCC ― Effects of grain size on localized deformation of irradiated stainless steel ―
201017178187 Effects of hydrogen on interaction between dislocation and radiation-induced defects
200916169178 Crystallographic Orientation Dependence of Nanoindentation Hardness and Nanoindentation-induced Deformation Microstructure in Ion-irradiated Stainless Steel
200815188203 Interaction between Slips and Damage structures in Ion-irradiated Stainless Steels
200714167183 Characterization of Deformation Structure in Ion-irradiated Stainless Steels
2018102109 Characterization of fracture behavior of oxidized grain boundary in neutron-irradiated stainless steel