Institute of Nuclear TechnologyWorking to further enhance the safety
and reliability of nuclear power

Working to further enhance the safety and reliability of nuclear power

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Takuya Fukumura

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Research Articles

201724131139 Irradiation Dose Dependence of Grain Boundary Oxidation of Neutron Irradiated Stainless Steel in Simulated PWR Primary Water Environment
201623079087 Grain boundary oxidation of 3 dpa neutron-irradiated stainless steels in high temperature water
201522092101 Corrosion of irradiated stainless steels in simulated PWR primary water(2)
201421154162 PWSCC crack growth rate of alloy 690 to simulate actual plant material
201320109117 Effect of cold work on initiation stage crack growth rate of nickel based alloys
201219095107 Fracture Toughness Reduction of Nickel-Based Alloys at Low Temperature
201017122129 Effect of Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration on PWSCC Crack Growth Rate of Alloy 600 at 290℃
200916118126 PWSCC Susceptibility of Cast Stainless Steel and Nickel Based Alloy of Dissimilar Metal Butt Welds
200815113124 Primary Coolant Leakage Path Research of Reactor Vessel Head Penetration
200714266272 Influence of Ethanol-amine injection on Flow Accelerated Corrosion Rate in Pressurized Water Reactor
200613159167 Influence of Water Chemistry on IGSCC Susceptibility and Crack Growth Rate of SUS 316 in High-Temperature Water
200512217221 Influence of water chemistry on IGSCC growth rate of SUS316 under high temperature water
200411143152 Influence of Temperature and Water Chemistry on IGSCC Susceptibility of SUS316 in High-Temperature Water
200209234239 Development of an Autoclave with Zirconia Crystal Windows for In-Situ Observation of Sample Surface under Primary Water Conditions of Pressurized Water Reactors
200108236246 Investigation of Impingement Attack Mechanism of Copper Alloy Condenser Tubes